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Alternative Training

At Ishi Yama Battōjutsu, we offer three alternative training programs in addition to our regular weekly group classes.

  • Private Classes


These classes are meant for those students whose training requirements, for one reason or another, don’t fit into our standard group classes. Possible reasons could include physical challenges, a preference for individual training, or an incompatible schedule with the times our group classes are held.


Private classes are structured around each individual student to best meet their needs, therefore details such as frequency and duration of training sessions will vary from person to person.

  • Moving Meditation Program

This is a program created with our modern work environment in mind. Designed both as a standalone program for better health and personal enrichment through these Asian based physical arts, it begins with low impact activity and is a way to readily transition into the more dynamic aspects of our training  programs. Whether a person chooses to move on to more dynamic programs or not, this beginning foundation work has multiple levels of complexity.

Step by step, our program shows you how to be more energized, fully present and emotionally balanced on your feet all the time, throughout your day. This is Moving Meditation. You’ll develop more mental and physical endurance, handle stress more effectively, subdue anxiety and calm yourself faster. And, because you have greater control of your personal process, you’ll sleep better to get the rest you deserve.

The process begins by understanding the value and benefits of proper breathing, how and what to expect as it oxygenates our mind and body. Ultimately, you'll discover how to enlist these actions to increase your productivity and effectiveness. Movement exercises are layered on top of efficient breath and movement control from the foundation activities. This activates the transformative process of greater mindfulness and the real knowledge that you are connecting your inner and outer world. This is what is meant by enlightenment; it is appreciating the fullness and richness of life in each moment all the time. It is the method that gives us more out of the experience of being alive and, as such, gives us more life in the lives we are living.

This program is ideal for those who spend spend a great deal of time sitting in front of their computer or at a desk in the office and would like to incorporate mild physical activity into their day and counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

Inquire how our corporate programs compliment existing health benefit programs.

  • Virtual Ronin Program

This is a web-based study program. Our virtual lessons provide a format where anyone can train in the most productive sword program on the planet in one-on-one lessons, regardless of where you might be located. All that is needed is internet access, a training area with a 5'x5' floor space and ceiling height of 8'. These sessions begin as low impact grip, position, and simple swing repetitions with an instruments, all from the comfort and safety of your home and computer via webcam.

Whether you are a local person or someone outside Seattle, there may be two preliminary meetings/conference calls prior to the start of the training as part of the informational exchange of this program. We'll meet and discuss Q&A's, necessary equipment, if any, and answer your initial curiosities while providing an opportunity to observe class protocols and formatting.

If a second conference call is required, we'll do the paperwork, you'll purchase your chosen lesson package with the Chief Instructor for your program placement determination, confirmation interview, and goal-setting meeting.

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